12th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days

Video review of the 11th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days:

Review of the 11th Carbon an Textile Reinforced Concrete Days

Carbon and textile reinforced concrete, a composite of high-performance materials – thin, lightweight, superior and sustainable – is the essential basis for building the future, whether in new construction or renovation. Durability and economic viability are two essential arguments establishing the interest of the construction industry, researchers, politics and  environmental organisations.

The latest results from practice and research will be put in a nutshell, short and succinct. With the 12. Carbon- und Textilbetontage (12th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days) we continue our extremely successful conference format and venture a look beyond the horizon. On 22nd and 23rd September 2020 you can benefit from a productive exchange of experiences with national and international speakers, exhibitors and participants.

As a conference participant, you will receive compact knowledge on various topics over two days with more than 25 lectures, for example new construction, renovation, kit components and recycling. The workshops based on the lectures will strengthen your abilities, for the design and reinforcement with carbon and textile reinforced concrete. Expand your network and meet renowned experts, well-known exhibitors and important contacts from the field of carbon and textile reinforced concrete, the economy (architects, engineers, suppliers and customers) as well as from research institutions and public administration.